the rack and the screw

intro post: about my creds & approach

Posted in feminism, mental health/madness, sex work by bellareve on February 6, 2009

Hey kids,

So after a couple years making my way around the silly little internet, I have decided to unleash my opinions on you, world. Or at least the five people who may read this.

I read a loooot o blogs, and I’ve discovered that I tend to disagree with many people on issues near and dear to my pretty red heart. 

I’ve also started a lot of blogs and neglected/cancelled them due to being busy surviving life. This one shall be different, I sure hope.

Here you will find a unique take on things like mental illness, sexual violence and pleasure, women in the media, queer issues, and sex work. From someone who is young but has Been There. My perspective is strong, but when there are two “camps” or sides of a debate, I usually have problems with both & take a third angle. 

There will be copious Sylvia Plath references. You’ve been warned.


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