the rack and the screw

Whither Choice?

Posted in blogwars, feminism by bellareve on February 19, 2009

I think one of the major fissures in the sex-blog-wars has to do with how choice relates to feminism.

There is one group of people who define feminism as predominantly about gender equality, and the ability of a woman to make her own choices. The freedom to choose, without criticism or judgement, is the ultimate priority. 

Another group, more associated with the radical branch, defines feminism as female liberation from male dominance and oppression. This camp sees the patriarchal power dynamic as the key problem, and a restructuring/uprooting of it as the prime solution. 

So we are working with two different, and, in my opinion, two legitimate, valid definitions of feminism. When each side calls the other one “anti-feminist,” they really mean, not MY kind of feminism. Which is fine, but should be made clear. Both versions can coexist, and can potentially contribute positive things for women. We just need to realize that any approach is not The Best Most Right feminism, but one of many types.


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