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Posted in feminism, something queer by bellareve on March 29, 2009

I have often wondered how much truth there is to the stereotype that straight women are sooooo super attracted to rich guy$!!! The whole thing about money as an aphrodisiac, and about females as biologically programmed to seek males who “have resources” and “can provide” etc.

I suspect very little. 

I am not a straight woman, so I wouldn’t know for sure. But I have dated people of both genders, and I can say unequivocally that of all my partners, the poor ones treated me a lot better than the ones with money.  And really, I have been in relationships with some broke people. They were always kinder to me than the financially well-off ones* who tended to:

a) spend in an effort to have control over me/manipulate me

b) make me feel guilty about not having enough of my own money to buy gifts, dinner, etc.

c) act suspicious that I was ‘using them’ for money

*This pattern, in my experience, was the same whether my partner was male or female.

C is extra funny and inaccurate, because I have never ruled out potential partners based on how rich/poor they are. My level of physical attraction or commitment to a person has nothing to do with wealth, and expensive shit just doesn’t impress me. Now, one could accuse me of being superficial on other accounts…I am very picky regarding physical appearence. Cute face or forget it.


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