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I heart my bush

Posted in blogwars, feminism, sex work by bellareve on April 14, 2009

This is a post on pubic grooming. So I want to preface it by saying that I don’t care how other adult women manage their genital hair. I don’t think women shave/wax to “look like little girls” and I don’t think shaving/waxing has anything to do with one’s status as a Real Feminist. I do believe that male (and female) preference for the bare aesthetic is heavily influenced by trends in pornography. But ultimately it’s your call if you want to pluck it all out, braid daisies into it, or shave it into the shape of a swastika. 

Basically, this post is about my bush, not yours. (overshare warning)

And boy do I have one! When I was stripping, I got rid of it, and came to miss the damn thing. These days I trim around the edges to create a sharp, neat triangle on top, shave what would stick out of a bikini, and leave the rest as is. 

This may not seem earth-shattering or revolutionary, but I have found that literally everyone I know is shocked by it. The people demand answers. My answer is that I like the way it looks more – my eye is drawn happily to the dark triangle. And sex feels good for me either way. 

Having a bush isn’t inherently “empowering,” but I do feel empowered by keeping my body the way I like it, regardless of what a sexual partner may prefer, expect, or demand. If someone isn’t into my bush, they can feel free not to fuck me. (I’ll be ok, I promise)

I perform many other gendered beauty rituals. I am a lipstick bisexual, after all. I dye the hair on my head, I wear dresses, heels, and rouge. I’m not particularly low maintenance, and have been described as “prissy” and “dainty.” Perhaps this is why people are surprised when they find out I’ve got a thick, curly bush with a mind of its own. 

So far she hasn’t deterred any potential partners. My last two girlfriends were pleased with the fuzzy texture. Some men have found it titillating and transgressive, as it is now so rare for girls of my generation. But even if I get the odd complaint in the future, my bush is nonnegotiable and here to stay. She’s in it for the long haul.

Top three NSFW reasons I love my bush:

1. It makes me feel like my pussy is wearing a fancy lace corselette. 

2. I like touching it against other beautiful bushes.

3. When I talk about it, people laugh.


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  1. pluralist said, on April 25, 2009 at 8:06 pm

    I heart my bush aswell! For me, it’s because (having never watched porn, or been exposed to ideas of pussyshaving) it’s the one part of me I’ve never had to edit, censor, style, exercise, or berate for being what it is. I’m finally winning the battle against acne on my face, have learned how to take care of my hair properly, and toned my body through bike-riding and yoga. These are good things, but for the boy who gets to see my pussy, I want him to see it as it is – otherwise I’m faking.

  2. FilthyGrandeur said, on April 26, 2009 at 3:10 am

    you’ve inspired me to grow a bush. i’ve been known to have a thing about body hair (i really can’t explain it, but it bothered me so for years i’ve shaved, but maybe i’ll carve an up-side down dragon out of it–so much potential!). anyway, this post was awesome. on a semi-related note, i love my vagina so much i wrote a sonnet to it:

  3. Stephanie said, on May 5, 2009 at 11:59 am

    I shave because I can’t grow a bush! I think a triangle is just the sexiest thing, but my own tufts just fill me with despair. Currently I have a landing strip, because without any pubic hair the vulva just does not seem sexual to me.

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