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Who’s Afraid of the Hairy Lesbian Cat-Lady?

Posted in feminism, pop culture, something queer by bellareve on May 1, 2009

Not me. I always thought this anti-feminist insult to be so absurd and ineffective. As if the person saying it expects me to feel demoralized and shitty and disgusting. But why would I? 

I love cats. I have two and plan to have more, Grey Gardens style, once I settle down. (Unlike Little Edie I’ll take care of mine)

We already know how I feel about body hair…see previous posts.

And I also love lesbians. I ultimately want to be with a woman.

So technically, becoming a hairy lesbian cat lady, or the thought of being with one, makes me happy. Which is the total opposite of the way the anti-feminists want me to feel when I hear that insult. Maybe time to come up with something new?